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Simen Tobiassen, founder and Co-writer of The Truth Agreement

I was born 46 years ago in Drammen, Norway, 3rd of August 1969 - raised by my parents in the Norwegian town Porsgrunn, together with two younger brothers.

I have two daughers with my first wife, and a daugher and a son with my present wife.

Raised as a Christian, I went to Sunday school from the age of 5. From age 11 I went for years to the local Methodist church, because I started playing the violin in their orchestra. I also associated with the Pentecostal church.

I joined the Rosicrucian Order AMORC when I was 16 y.o., for half a year. At age 18 I joined The Summit Lighthouse, as a Keeper of The Flame, and stayed for 13 years.

I have worked in the field of filming and editing NEWS for national TV stations like TV2.

I have used the last 35 years to ponder how the various pieces of the Big Puzzle might fit together.

Since I were 14 y.o. I have believed there is a deeper truth in Christianity and other religions than what is normally known and practiced. I also believe "The Law of One" series contains much of the truth on how the Universe is functioning.

At the present I am mostly Influenced and inspired by the work of David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford and by the many whistle blowers world wide. They tell first hand what they know from professional and personal experiences; about what's going on in the world "behind the scenes" among the world's Power Elite.

I am not a member of any religious, political or financial interest group.  I have not been part of the 'Cabal' and have not taken part in their criminal activities against Humanity.

The Truth Agreement is a 
non-profit grassroots project, founded by me on an independent initiative and created with assistance of friends.

It is important we search together to find the Truth about what is actually going on in this world.  By knowing the Truth we can get to the roots of the problems facing humanity on many levels.  Then it will not be too hard to change this world into a better place to live for all people and all races.

I look forward to the day when all of us together, as enlightened beings, have found and created better solutions for managing our lives and activities.  By ending financial tyranny, war, starvation, poverty and other crimes against Humanity - all of mankind will finally have time to live more joyful and fulfilling lives.

By not being financial slaves to the system, being busy just to survive, you will enjoy more time with family, friends and your favorite activities.  We will be able to take better care of each other, enjoy being creative in various areas of life and in general have better opportunities to live life to its fullest potential :)


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