We, the Signers of The Truth Agreement,

Petition the 'Power Elite' to:

  • 1.0    Tell the TRUTH about what is actually going on in this world!

The awakening to reality may be shocking and painful, but is a necessary step to create a Great Future. We need to understand that the exposure and take down of the Cabal is part of a positive process that can lead us to a Better World.

Remember, even though you may feel uncomfortable about parts of what will be revealed to us during the awakening, it is still the same old Truth that was out there all your life, when you did not know.

  • 1.1    Join us in action to CHANGE our world to a BETTER world for all people and all races!

Petition the 'Cabal' to:

  • 2.0    STOP your crimes against Humanity immediately and SURRENDER PEACEFULLY!

And We Promise in return to:

  • 3.0    NOT REACT with violence toward any members of the Cabal who so surrender or toward people we think might be in the Cabal, as they might be our Heroes working undercover or people who were misled to believe they were working on the 'good side' or for 'God'!
Even our insider Heroes, that have worked for decades to take down the Cabal, are worried about how Humanity will react, when we start awakening to what has willfully been done to us throughout our lifes. If millions of angry protesters and lynch mob create riots and global upheaval, it might lead to the brake down of the infrastructure and the collapse of the world's economies.

Our undercover Heroes are also worried they will be wounded or killed, if people react with violence or revenge. If we are blinded by revenge, we will see no difference between those behind the crimes and our insiders working for decades to stop these crimes.

With forgiveness I mean we should try to avoid going for violent revenge, as it will create more suffering – not only for the Cabal members, but it may possibly backfire and create more suffering for the people too, as riots and violence might give the Cabalists an excuse to further tighten their stranglehold on Humanity.
Do not confuse those in the Power Elite causing the crimes - with those in the Power Elite working to stop these crimes.

Many well-meaning people in the military and the agencies do their best in figuring out how to relate to the reality as they know it. Many times they keep information secret not to upset people unnecessarily, to prevent upheaval or to prevent situations that may endanger human lives and their wellbeing. Usually it is easier to say and do nothing than telling the truth – and where would they start, as we haven’t been updated for decades.

It is a tough job making decisions influencing millions of people – and many do their very best to do this well.

True patriots have got into the system and services in good belief and with good intentions, not knowing the extent of what is really going on. They might genuinely want to serve their fellow man, but it can be a great challenge to be a servant in a great machine that tells you from the top down what to do – and also telling you lies to make you believe what you do are necessary and good for the people.

Among the world’s Power Elite we also find many of our greatest heroes, in the governments, agencies and organizations - even though many of these institutions are guilty of great crimes.

Our insiders have been working for many decades from the inside to make the present revolution possible. It is comforting to know that some of these people have been infiltrated as “pressure cooker valves”, to have some overview and control of the situation - and to carefully letting secrets out before they “blow”.

Many of our heroes have been undercover for decades, just waiting for the right time and opportunity to help break the grip the Cabal has had on the World. They have collected evidence and prepared the present turn around of the power structure.

Many of our insider heroes among the elite, working against the Cabal, have had to some degree play along to get into power positions and to stay in power. Those with a genuine love and desire to help and serve their fellow humans have had to be careful not showing their true colors, to be able to stay in power throughout decades. They have had to get their hands dirty in fulfilling their mission.


We must be careful not to judge the people among the Power Elite, from either their power positions or their actions. Many of them are sheep in wolves’ clothing. We need time to find who have worked together; siding with the people.


Our Insider heroes are also worried they will be wounded or killed, if people react with violence and revenge.

Some of our heroes are committing serious crimes while they are infiltrated as “security valves”. They are getting their hands dirty while they do their brave heroic work. Their sole reason for being there is to make sure it doesn’t get too serious - kind of trying to control what they cannot really control. They try to stop accidents from happening and limit the damage.

We need time to sort things out – to find out what really has happened, who did it, why they did it – and who did not do it. In the process of finding the Truth, please let us have South African style Truth and Reconciliation Commissions so people can come to grip with our past and stop most of the more seriously bad things going on here.

And then, let us get our focus on changing this world to a better place as fast as possible.

Even inside the Ruling Elite families having been the movers and shakers of this planet, there are people who have worked for the defeat of the Cabal. They have taken an active stand against what has been done to Humanity, using their wealth and influence to stop it and change the world, even while he or she technically might have been involved in the "family business".

Blind violence will see no difference between people in the Cabal and those taking down the Cabal. Blind violence may kill those heroes that for decades have been risking their lives to free Humanity.

Let us rather support them now, at this critical time, when they are going out in the open and suddenly need the assistance and protection from the people, to get the Cabal rounded up.

Please, do not take Our Heroes down!!!

Just having the last names Rockefeller, Rothschild and other names connected to the Ruling Elite, does not mean they have been involved in the Cabal activities. Many in these families have Not been part of the Cabal activities. Neither are they responsible for what family members have done or what their forefathers have done through hundreds of years. Some are even actively working against it.
4 Rothschild children
Please, do not let anger and revenge strike people who are not part of the Cabal, like these innocent siblings who just happen to be born as Rothschild descendants.

Even those among the elite of the world that have been a part of the oppression and the criminal activities, may have done so against their own will.

Many have been born into the Illuminati families and are indoctrinated from a young age and throughout childhood, and the groups’ plans have been enforced at gunpoint and through gruesome murder. They may have felt they did not have much of a choice. People have been killed leaving this system.

To give you some cautioning forewarnings on what kind of activities you might need to prepare to hear about, and that we might need to forgive, we will also tell you about some more unpleasant Cabal-activities we need to know about - to make sure these activities get stopped.

In the media many Cabal- and Illuminati members appear as none-religious or Christians, as that is usually acceptable beliefs. Behind the facade the Illuminati members and most of the Cabal members have a strong spiritual belief.

Without getting into the validity of their spiritual belief, and regardless of what you yourself believe possible - we can confirm that these following activities have actually been taken place throughout the world on a large scale by members of the Illuminati and the Cabal.

Not only have innocent children been taken from the outside world and been tormented and killed in what usually would be referred to as Satanic Rituals, but also inside the Illuminati they are traumatizing their own children. They have been shaped and controlled through Ritual Abuse, which may include both sexual abuse and torture. This is part of what many of these people themselves have been exposed to from early childhood and throughout life.

The primary reason for exposing these children to this trauma-based mind-control is to give them the ability to disassociate; By distancing themselves from the extreme torture being done to them their personality split in order for the children to survive. Thereby they themselves are able to do acts of extreme character, and also at the same time be able to function among others as genuinely caretaking people, which might be their true nature.

What will probably be the most heavy thing for most people to prepare for and relate to and forgive, is that the Illuminati and some Cabal members have been sacrificing people, often children, as part of their rituals.

Even though it is painful, we need to know the truth about this, to make sure these activities are being stopped forever.


Investigative researcher and writer David Wilcock at puts in writing what he has learned from interviewing people growing up in the illuminati:
“I think it is very important to understand that the majority of the people in these negative groups are only cooperating because they have been forced to. I know some of them myself and am aware of the horrors they have been subjected to.”

“I do not judge or condemn you if you’ve been involved in this. You have a safe place here and will not be hated or criticized. Your leaders have lied to you by making you think that if there is a God, you would be rejected.

I am personally aware of what you have been through. I am sorry about what happened to you. And I want you to know there is a way out of this that doesn't involve you being tortured like an animal.”

-    David Wilcock    -

///////.  mer om snille folk

  • 3.1   PHYSICALLY PROTECT and ASSIST those who stand for the Truth, our friends and undercover Heroes, and Elite siding with the people and working actively on “the inside” against the enslavement of Humanity!
Whether people have been a part of the crimes or not, in coming forward they might need pysical protection from the Cabal or from an angry lynch mob.

By signing The Truth Agreement, you agree to the creation of an arrangement making sure the bold souls standing up for the Truth, including defectors from the Cabal and their associates in the Power Elite, get the physical protection they would need and have other necessities concerning their safety taken care of.

  • 3.2    Offer AMNESTY to 'Cabal' members, encouraging them to stop immediately.
Many among the Elite have been involved in heavy criminal activities and fear for their lives. We do not want the Cabal to be fighting as though they have nothing to loose, killing even more people.

The Truth Agreement offers the Cabal an alternative, by giving the Cabal members the option of Amnesty, to help end what many now call the Old World Order. With the option of asking for Amnesty, the Cabal members can get a reduced sentence or maybe not go to jail if they immediately stop what they are doing and confess all they have done.

The ‘Illuminati’* can be seen as the Cabal’s dark spiritual leadership. Giving the Cabal and the Illuminati members a way out may protect us from their death cramps.
“…there are many, many levels of that hierarchy of people who would be killed if they tried to get out.”

“… as a whistleblower named Svali has said from the Illuminati perspective, the majority of these people don’t want to be in it.

They hate what’s going on. They hate doing their jobs. They would do anything to get out. But, they know they would be killed and tortured -- and have everyone they love killed and tortured -- if they did.

You’d better believe that there are going to be a lot of people who are brave patriots -- who deserve to be given amnesty and given a chance to testify to what happened -- in exchange for some degree of clemency.

Then they can help fish out who the real problems are -- and be given a chance to reform.

I think that it’s a fatal mistake for us to embrace a genocidal mindset and slap the word Illuminati on people, and think that means they should be put to death -- just like the Germans slapped the word Jews on somebody and put them to death.”

-    David Wilcock    -

Investigative reporter and author

Even our insider undercover heroes have got their hands dirty in the process of stopping the crimes, and might need amnesty.

Like numerous authors we use the name ‘Illuminati’ to describe what may more correctly be referred to as ‘the Family’. It consists of old, ruling elite families that have to a great degree kept themselves in control of humanity for thousands of years – often called the bloodline families.

Various groups are referring to themselves as Illuminati – as the illuminated ones. Partly basing their claimed illumination upon age-old occult (hidden) knowledge they have kept secret to the masses. A few of the groups referred to as the Illuminati have the word Illuminati in their name, most of them have not. Allthough many of these groups are working together for a greater, common goal – some are at the same time fighting each other for control.

A group calling themselves the ‘Gnostic Illuminati’ – aiming for illumination based on knowledge – are claiming:

•  they are the real and positive Illuminati, working for the true enlightenment and wellbeing of all mankind.

•  they have protected powerful knowledge through thousands of years from the ruling elite who has tried to kill off all opposition to their rule, like in the 600 y.o. long catholic inquisition.

•  they created the original orders of Freemasonry, Rosicrucians, Jesuits, Knights Templar and other organizations working to help free mankind from oppression from the ruling elite – just to have these organisations been hijacked by their enemies through time and taken over.

•  their name ‘Illuminati’ have been hijacked by their enemies – and also the name of the age-old plan for a great Golden Age of enlightenment on planet Earth, which the Gnostic Illuminati have been working and preparing for, calling it the New World Order.
Leo Lyon Zagami
Leo Lyon Zagami was born into what he refers to as the “dark Illuminati” in Italy, with family-ties to the old European aristocracy and royal families. He worked against the practicing of “Satanic rituals”, and became an official Illuminati “whistle-blower” and –reformer. Leo says you are not illuminated when you use your knowledge to control and enslave mankind.
Leo Lyon Zagami
“They wished to create a [positive] New World Order in which everyone would have the chance to go as far in life as their talents warranted. At that stage, there would be no further need of the Illuminati. The purpose of the Illuminati was to free and educate people as far as possible. A society composed entirely of free, well-educated and talented individuals would result in an emergent society from which a new, higher type of humanity would emerge.”

The Gnostic Illuminati says what the dark Cabal calls the New World Order global government is nothing but the full implementation of the Cabal’s Old World Order – the last stage in the Elites old plans for total enslavement of mankind, which the Gnostic Illuminati has been fighting all along.

  • 3.3    Give LEGAL IMMUNITY to those who need this to act for Humanity and a better world.
Some people that have done nothing wrong might need their oath of secrecy removed, or be granted legal immunity from being persecuted for violating their Oath.

No oath or law should stop real patriots from telling the Truth for the sake of protecting mankind and for the betterment of Humanity.

Conscience is even written into the United States Constitution. The Founding Fathers put provisions in the US Constitution that stipulate that conscience supersedes the written law. The Constitution says if your conscience is very clear about something, then what’s written cannot go against that.

Problems arise when institutions created to protect people are no longer serving the people – and those claiming secrecy are to protect the people are rather protecting the oppressors of mankind. Employees in these institutions would still have legal obligations to keep their oaths.

These oaths may be lifted or legal immunity can be granted to the employees if they have to violate their oath of security in the process of releasing the Truth and the hidden technologies as a beneficial act for humanity.

People might need to violate their oath of security even to tell us things that are kept as secrets for no real reason.

Either our undercover heroes have or have not done anything illegal in the process of stopping crimes, they might need legal immunity to violate their oath of security in the process of getting the criminal activities stopped.

Let them tell us what they know, what they have been a part of and how they have taken the power out of the hands of the Cabal and their associates.

  • 4.0   ARREST those Cabal members who are behind international financial tyranny and crimes, if they do not surrender peacefully.
By signing The Truth Agreement, you agree to the arrests of the criminal Cabal members behind the international financial tyranny and crimes, if they do not want to surrender peacefully.

  • 5.0    Appeal to all living beings who truly and genuinely love and care for us, to immediately offer ASSISTANCE to mankind in all ways necessary or beneficial to Humanity!
We do not know exactly what forces we are up against on the physical level and on multidimensional, spiritual levels. We might need all the help we can get to win this revolution!

The last point in The Truth Agreement is a cry from our hearts out to the universe, to all living beings who truly and genuinely love and care for us, to please, immediately offer us ASSISTANCE in all ways necessary or beneficial to humanity!

What is happening now on Earth is nothing less than a global revolution, and we need all the help and assistance we can get from anybody of you who really care for us – being you the Creator of this Universe, Mighty Angels, family members loving us, but who is no longer physically with us, sisters and brothers in other dimensions. Or you may possibly be ‘extended family members’ from other planetary systems.

We ask only for assistance from those of you who respect us and our free will, see us as equally valuable as you are, and genuinely come to us with the intention to do what you really believe is in our best interest - and be you responsible and have the wisdom and discernment to know what is to the best for humanity.

We do NOT invite any cruel and malevolent physical or multidimensional beings.

Exercising our free will, we ask you specifically to stay out of our lives!

–    Simen Tobiassen © Dec 2012-2015    –

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